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Anne Easter Smith

Anne is the award-winning author of six historical novels about the York family during the Wars of the Roses. Historical Novels Review wrote that her books: “…grab you, sweep you along with the story, and make you fall in love with the characters…” Her first five books, including A Rose for the Crown, Daughter of York, and Royal Mistress, are published by Touchstone Books at Simon & Schuster. The King’s Grace won the 2009 Romantic Times Best Historical Biography award, and Queen By Right was nominated in the same category in 2011. A native of England, Anne has lived in various states in the US for fifty years, settling in Newburyport in 2000 with husband, Scott.


Richard III has held a fascination for Anne since her early 20s, which led her to several decades of study of him and his period. This Son of York is the culminating book in her York-family series, with Richard as protagonist. She has been a panelist at the Historical Novel Society Conferences and taught workshops at the San Miguel de Allende Literary and Writing Festival.


Before becoming a published author, Anne wore many hats in her life: executive secretary in London, Paris, and New York; PBS auction coordinator and program guide editor; folksinger; tournament tennis player; actor and director; wife (twice); mother (twice); grandmother (once); and finally, most useful for her future authoring career, features editor at a daily newspaper in Plattsburgh NY.

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