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Blue Smoke
Marble Surface

Deb Koffman

Deb loves making stuff out of cardboard. She loves animating little things. She loves Buddhist teachings. She loves the practice of mindfulness meditation. She loves home. She’s interested in capturing the essence of something…a feeling, a concept, an experience. She’s interested in the relationship of colors, shapes, design, simplicity. She’s interested in finding just the right words…in art and in life. She’s interested in the congruity of visual, kinesthetic and verbal elements. She’s interested in deeply understanding her feelings so she can use them wisely and creatively. She’s interested in deeply understanding the meaning of words, so she really knows what people are talking about.

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Author of The Magic Lamp


For more information about Deb, to see her artwork or read her blog, go to

Email deb for questions or wholesale inquiries.

Visit the studio and gallery at 137 Front Street in Housatonic, MA 01236

Call Deb at 413-274-1201 or 413-274-1212

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