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“Innisfree binds us.”


When Lydia Hammond encourages her grieving granddaughter, Elizabeth Innocenti, to spend the summer at Innisfree, the family’s compound on Chappaquiddick Island, Elizabeth undertakes the journey from her home in Italy with her fourteen-year-old son, hoping to heal from the devastating loss of her husband after a long illness.


Innisfree holds cherished memories of an idyllic childhood for Elizabeth. But when she arrives, she finds the place abandoned, derelict and as needy as she is. A reluctant steward, Elizabeth undertakes the task of making the cottage habitable until a hurricane forces her to take shelter with the Monroes, the Wampanoag family who once owned Innisfree.


The fraught and tangled history between her grandmother and the Monroes pulls Elizabeth into a passionate search for Innisfree’s meaning for both families. At the same time, her challenging relationship with Caleb Monroe, the grandson of Mae and Tobias, shatters her perception of who she is and what she wants.


In the midst of grief, a new generation defines where home is


Historical Fiction, 402 pages, 5 x 8

Trade Paperback, $17.95, ISBN: 978-1942209379

E-Book, $9.99, ISBN: 978-1942209386

Praise for Island Legacy

"A tender, spirited family tale to complete a warm, earnest series." - Kirkus Reviews


"Cardillo’s poignant novel is a winding, intriguing story of relatable suffering—the sorrow of losing loved ones, traversing long distances to visit those dear to us, and the pain (and growth) that arises through profound life changes." The BookLife Prize

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