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A Humorous Memoir About Clubfoot, Life Choices and Surviving Being Different


Anyone who has ever felt or looked unconventional or enjoys weird stories about awkward people will want to read Loving Every Awkward Step. A humorous memoir about clubfoot, life choices, and surviving being different, Houston-Voss tells about growing up different in a world that wanted the same. She explores the feelings of what is thought of as normal and the challenges of fitting into societal expectations when hiding a disability.


Born with a combination of bilateral Clubfoot and Matatarsus Verus, Houston-Voss tells tales of growing up with physical differences and how that influenced many of her life choices; from the feeling of being different but trying to blend in, developing humor and anger for coping, to going to NYC to be an actress but not being able to escape her feet.


At 32, Houston-Voss was about to have her fifth surgery on her left foot. Having multiple childhood memories of being in hospitals, she wanted to reflect on the experience of surgery and the healing process while actually going through it. She also wanted to keep herself busy since there is a lot of sitting around when your leg is in a cast. This reflection turned up stories about friendships, a struggling acting career, and even a mistimed bridesmaid adventure. 


Ten years later she found her manuscript and kept writing. A lot had changed, not only in her personal life, but in the World. We read how age and experience can change what a person finds important in appearances and life.


This journey starts with Houston-Voss as a child who wanted to be a normal kid and ends with her as a mom who wants her own child to know that it is ok to be different. 


Memoir, 198 pages, 5.25 x 8

Trade paperback, $22.99, ISBN: 978-1942209690

E-Book, $7.99, ISBN:978-1942209706

Audio Book, $24.99, ISBN: 978-1942209720

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