Angels, Elvis and Vegas


Can you recite dialog from your favorite Monty Python flick? Do you chuckle remembering a scene from There’s Something About Mary or Fargo? Are you a huge fan of Mel Brooks? If that’s the side your bread is buttered on, you’ll love Lucy’s Got a Lot of ‘Splaining to Do.


Lucy’s a not quite slapstick, full-on-humor story of quirky characters and fantasy with a huge dollop of romance.


In order to win their wings, apprentice angels Coco and Ace have been tasked to make sure that Lucy Carson and Jamie Randolph fall in love—a job that will require a ton of imagination and a miracle.


A Las Vegas teacher with a proclivity for all things retro, Lucy’s dream is to have a baby. But considering her sex life is a big fat zero, a baby shower seems highly unlikely. In her world view, men are pond scum—that’s courtesy of her lower-than-a-rattlesnake’s belly ex-hubby.


Jamie is a tabloid journalist whose only goal is to return to mainstream reporting. But his life turns topsy-turvy when the neophyte angels convince—read that bribe—him into getting involved in their hair-brained scheme. Lucy turns out to be mighty appealing, but she’s strictly off-limits. Getting smote—whatever the heck that means—is not his idea of a good time.


So what will it take for these two very different people to fall in love? How about a miracle called parthenogenesis—fertilization without the benefit of sperm. Far-fetched—yep, but that’s why it’s miraculous. Set in a Las Vegas that tourists rarely see, with a cast of eccentric characters—a Transylvanian hit man, a drag queen named Merry Chino Cherry, and a devil’s minion who moonlights as a personal injury lawyer—this story has all the elements of a rollicking good time in Sin City.


Magical Realism, 290 pages, 5 x 8

Trade Paperback, $14.99, Print ISBN: 978-1942209225

E-Book, $7.99, ISBN: 978-1942209287

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