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M.C. Bunn

Catherine Bunn fell in love with Victorian England and its literature before she could read, as she listened to her father and mother read aloud from the great novels at the family dinner table and as bedtime stories. Those stories ignited her imagination. “There was never a time when I wasn’t making up a story or exploring a character,” she laughs. Inheriting her father’s great passion for storytelling, by five years old Catherine was inventing her own characters; by eight she scoured libraries poring over dusty history books for the social and cultural web that made her characters come alive.  


That devotion to character, research, and writing propelled Catherine to UNC-Chapel Hill and North Carolina State for degrees in English and then to the classroom to inspire other young writers like herself. Yet, for twenty years those characters haunted her dreams, crying out to be heard, to be placed on paper, and to be shared with the world. When life took a difficult turn, they came to her fully formed, tying her to her computer for three years, as scene after scene spilled out on the page. An unconventional high-born heroine and her handsome, dangerous, street-gutter paramour filled the pages with action and passion, resulting in her debut novel Where Your Treasure Is.

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For more information about Catherine, visit You will also find news, events and a very thoughtful blog.

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