Book II of the Orphans of Tolosa Trilogy

The journey continues


Thirteenth-century Languedoc, torn apart by decades of crusades against the Cathar heretics, braces for the final stand of the Catholic Church against the Good Men and Good Women at the remote fortress of Montsegur. Azemar and Azalais, now fugitives after their daring escape from the castel de Belascon, must try to reach the fortress—and fulfill their destiny—before it’s too late.


But the captivating trobairitz Jordane de la Moux d’Aniort and her damozel Johana have escaped with them at the last minute, putting them all in grave peril. Will Jordane’s conflicting purpose of reuniting with the rebel Raimon de Berenger thwart Azemar and Azalais’s quest?


A cryptic note leads Azemar to the Templar stronghold at Mas Deu, where he undergoes brutal trials—only to discover that his ultimate purpose could lead him to destroy the very culture and religion he wants to preserve.


The Spirit of Fire is Book II of the Orphans of Tolosa Trilogy.


Medieval Historical Fiction, 328 pages, 6 x 9

Trade Paperback, $17.95, ISBN: 978-1942209614

E-Book. $5.99, ISBN: 978-1942209621

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