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A mixed-race boy searches for his identity and home in the volatile 1960s.


Innisfree—the wild and isolated land on Chappaquiddick Island where Josiah Monroe grew up—was only place where he felt he belonged.


And now it was gone.


His parents’ painful decision to sell the land—the symbol of his mixed Wampanoag and Irish heritage—catapults the entire family into a spiral of disconnection as Josiah abandons the island in anger. He makes his way on an uneven road, seeking to redefine himself in a wider, more dangerous world marked by the turmoil of the Vietnam War and the cultural upheaval of the Sixties.


In the wake of his leaving, his family struggles not only with Josiah’s alienation but also with the debilitating polio suffered by his sister, Izzy. Ultimately, it is the power and magic of the island itself and the bonds of family that call them back to one another.

Historical Fiction, 380 pages, 5 x 8

Trade Paperback, $16.95, ISBN: 978-1942209232

E-Book, $9.99, ISBN: 978-1942209263

Praise and Honors for The Uneven Road


THE BOOKLIFE PRIZE ~ Semi-finalist in General Fiction

“A measured, riveting tale, written in a confident, impassioned voice.“ ~ Kirkus Reviews

"The Uneven Road is a sophisticated coming-of-age novel that intersects with historical events of this period. . . . written with verve and intelligence. Cardillo carefully constructs The Uneven Road with rich characterizations, diverging and interlocking plot elements, and fine attention to detail that explores family dynamics and the search for individual identity. . . .Captivatingly infused with often raw emotions and haunting memories of race, heritage, culture, and family dynamics, The Uneven Road, scatters its characters over time and place and draws them back together again with enduring values of family love and respect for heritage." - Chanticleer Book Reviews

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