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A reluctant mascot and a star football player, currently in the doghouse with his coach, tackle the challenge of running a summer camp for troubled teens.


Sports Desk News Flash—Road Runner’s star tight end, Jake Culpepper displayed his tackling expertise by taking down the Road Runner mascot. Jake didn’t realize the mascot was Texas Bob Hurst’s daughter. Yep, Texas Bob—owner and big boss of the Road Runners.
Lilly Hurst is not only unemployed and living with her parents, she’s now the laughing stock of folks all over town. How did she let her sister talk her into doing the “chicken” gig? That feather monstrosity was hot and stinky, and now she felt like she’d been run over by an eighteen wheeler. 

Jake trudged to Texas Bob’s private office. His future football career would probably involve catching passes in the far frozen North, However, he’d made a huge mistake and he had to make amends. In his defense, he thought the mascot was his ne’er-do-well cousin Dwayne who’d wrecked his Porsche. 

Texas Bob’s “edict” was Lilly’s answer to a prayer. She’d have a job at Camp Touchdown, the Hurst foundation’s summer camp for underprivileged teens in the Texas Hill Country. Jake was “sentenced” to be the coach. He’d grown up in a rough and tumble environment and managed to claw his way out through football. 

The Camp Touchdown experience proved to be “interesting” for both Jake and Lilly. On good days, the teens were a joy, but occasionally they could be “really bad.” 
Life at Camp Touchdown was never dull. In addition to the full-time job of keeping fifty kids entertained, Lilly and Jake also experienced a torrential rain storm and flood, found a dead body clutching a bag of stolen money and tolerated a quirky mystery writer.

Remember, this is a romance. After Lilly kicked her cheating hubby to the curb she vowed to never fall in love again. Jake on the other hand was not a fan of long-term commitment. Cupid’s Arrow can have a truly amazing impact on a couple of stubborn people.

Society Page News Flash—The wedding of the year was held in a field of bluebonnets with members of the wedding party wearing pink cowboy boots. 


Romance, 267 pages

E-Book, $3.99, ISBN: 978-1-942209-87-4

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